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Drivers Concerned as Flaw in Keyless Entry Technology Exposed by Thieves

Following recent news coverage in the UK showing two thieves’ disengaging the alarm of a Mercedes C-Class and driving off with the vehicle, by “cloning” the signal from a keyless or “smart” fob. The video shows two individuals holding devices that can capture the signal given off the key fob and amplifying the signal to trick the car into thinking that the key is nearby. These ‘transmitter relay attacks’ exploits a vulnerability in a vehicle’s key

Worth waiting for - Real reactions for 181

Car Buyers Guide have asked five random strangers for their real reactions for five cars that we'd recommend for 181. 

Every week we bring numerous reviews to the Car Buyers Guide website. It’s a job we love doing, but a few weeks ago we decided to find out what non-motor journalists think about the cars in our market. In this month’s feature we film and find real reactions from real people regarding some choice cars on our market. In this month’s feature, the Car Buyers Gu

Worth waiting for - The Kia Stonic

We asked five real people to give us their real reactions on the brand new Kia Stonic. 

Car Buyers Guide brought five potential buyers to Mondello Park to drive five different cars to get their impressions. Kia recently launched its new B-segment crossover to the Irish market, the Kia Stonic. The Stonic has serious competition from the likes of the Nissan Juke, Toyota C-HR, Peugeot 2008 and Mazda CX-3. The Stonic we had was specced with the 1.4MPI naturally aspirated petrol engine producing

Worth waiting for - The Mazda2

Five real people give us their real reactions on the Mazda2. This is one of the most underrated superminis.

Car Buyers Guide brought five potential buyers to Mondello Park to drive five different cars to get their impressions. Representing the supermini segment, we had the Mazda2. This Mazda2 is powered by a 1.5 petrol engine with 90hp. Prices start at €16,095 with this one, with options, coming in at €21,505. We picked the Mazda to represent the city car segment because we reckon it&rs

Worth waiting for - The Skoda Octavia

Five real people show us their real reactions on the 2017 Skoda Octavia - here's what they think!

Car Buyers Guide brought five potential buyers to Mondello Park to drive five different cars to get their impressions. The Skoda Octavia took the title of being the medium saloon car that we would recommend for 2018. The Skoda Octavia is an obvious choice if you don’t want a Volkswagen Golf. We reckon it has an edge on the Volkswagen Golf too being more roomy and cheaper. The 2.0TDI 150hp varia

The Tesla Model 3 Can Now Be Ordered By Anyone

Tesla have opened up the order process for the Model 3 publically. 

Tesla has finally decided to open up the order process for its Model 3 to the public. Since July, your pre-order hasn’t meant a whole lot due to the order process only being open to Tesla employees, their family and people who are in the know with Tesla. But now the company has decided that it might be a good idea to open things up to the public and show the world that the Model 3 means business. Although the EV maker&

New Audi Centre in South Dublin sets a benchmark for Audi dealers in Europe

Incredible new Audi Centre offers hotel-like hospitality in service industry

A word which appears to be over-used these days is "Awesome". I'm guilty of it myself - in fact, I used it in yesterday's review of the brand-new Kia Stinger (that's a nice way of getting a link in!). However, "Awesome" is one of the few words that I can use to describe the €20million investment that is the new 10,000 square metre Audi Centre in Dublin. Audi Centre, first floor Now, for fear of you thinking that thi

Toyota and Mitsubishi Announce Recalls for November

The Toyota C-HR and Mitsubishi ASX are up for minor recalls this month.

Recalls in the motor industry is not all that uncommon, many just go unheard of. Big or small. Trust me, I recently just wrote a 15,000 word thesis on this subject. It is the law that the manufacturer contacts the owner of each car affected but just in case, we've got you covered. So far this month, there have been three recalls concerning vehicles from Mitsubishi and Toyota. The Mitsubishi ASX, built between 2010 and 2014, h

2018 Mercedes X-Class First Drive Review

Mercedes have gone and done it, they have broken into the pick-up market. Say hello to the 2018 Mercedes X-Class.

The 2018 Mercedes X-Class is launched into Ireland with a starting price of €39,995. From launch, there are three trim levels; Pure, Progressive and Power. I drove the Progressive on-road and off-road. There is something about a pick-up. It’s imposing stance and overall huge feel gives you the sense of entitlement. Although pick-ups are built and meant for building sites,

Skoda Announce a Plug-In Hybrid for 2019

Skoda have announced they will be building all-electric vehicles in Czech Republic from 2020.

Most manufacturers before building a full on EV, invest in hybrid technology. Skoda is no exception. Skoda plan on introducing a Skoda Superb plug-in hybrid for 2019. The Superb will be the first of a range of hybrid and electric vehicles that Skoda will produce for Volkswagen Group's brands. The electric technology will be built at the Mladá Boleslav plant in the Czech Republic. As part of Skoda