Top 10 | 10 Driving Pet Peeves

10 Driving Pet Peeves

A list of 10 pet peeves given by Irish drivers

Here is a list of 10 driving pet peeves from Irish drivers in no particular order of annoyance.

1. Using mobile phones- We live in the age of technology where it seems that not answering a text or Snapchat even updating your Facebook and Twitter is going to somehow impede your life. The world won't come to a stop if it takes a few minutes to reply. As far as answering the phone, most cars are equipped to answer the call there is no need to put it up to your ear.

2. Speeding up when being overtaken - If going slower on a motorway and the person behind goes to overtake why is it then the time to speed up? You had your opportunity get over it and let the car pass.

3. Indicators - This could be a thesis. Car designers did not put these on vehicles for decoration. If you are turning decide to do so, do not decide when you are actually turning the corner, that does not indicate anything only that you are an inconsiderate driver. However, these are the lesser of two evils, how about the people who rely on our psychic ability to know that they’re about to turn?

4. Parking - The people who designed those white lines know how big a car is, therefore there is no need to take up two spaces, or, leave no space to get into the driver's side leaving to alternative only to climb over the seats on the passenger side.

5. Roundabouts - Yet another thesis subject. The rules are clear. The road is clearly marked leading up to the roundabout pick a lane, stay in that lane, and do not cut off anybody in the other lane. Yield also does not mean stop and wait for a car to come.


6. Rubberneckers - Everyone hates being stuck in a traffic jam after an accident, what doesn’t help is people slowing down to have a look causing an even bigger tailback.

7. The beauty salon - Women and men who feel the need to do their makeup or shave while driving. There is a simple solution to this one, get up a little earlier do it all in the comfort of your own home.

8. Pulling out into traffic - Timing is everything in driving. A split second can cause an accident. If you decide that you have enough time to pull out in front of another car why slow down? The car behind has to stand on their breaks which could cause chaos for other cars following.

9. Pedestrians - All of us at some stage are pedestrians. However, that does not entitle us to put a hand up and walk across in front of a car. There is only one winner in that scenario, the big metal thing on wheels.

10. Hitting the brakes - brakes are a vital part of driving but using them every time something is coming towards you on the opposite side of the road is just plain ridiculous. There is no need and infuriating for the car behind.

One for the road, the park anywhere lights, that magical button on the dashboard that allows people to abandon their car with no fear co consequences.


Sarah O Toole


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