Top 10 | Bad Parking Habits To Grind Your Gears

Bad Parking Habits To Grind Your Gears

We've all seen cars that have been pretty-much abandoned in car parks. Some drivers just don't know how to park... while others just don't give a damn. Here are some habits that get on our wick!

Car parks are one of life's necessary evils, but they can also be the hub of unfiltered road rage and frustration. There are certain types of people we all come across on our laps around the car park and marvel at the inconsiderate nature of them.

Here are ten of the worst types of car parker.

The small car - After doing three laps looking for a space you finally think the parking Gods are looking down on you, only to find out after swinging in that there is a tiny little car taking up two-thirds of the space, making it totally invisible to unsuspecting drivers.

The personal space invaders - These are people who feel the need to park so close to the car next to them it is impossible to get in or out of the driver's side. Resulting in you throwing awkward shapes climbing over the passenger seat.

Middle of two spaces - The one that thinks they are driving a large aircraft. These have no idea of spacial awareness and they need to park in the middle of the two spaces. All cars fit in between the lines, some may be snugger than others but they still fit.

My car’s better than yours - This is a variation of the previous mentioned, they too feel they need to take up two spaces. This is not that they have trouble with the concept of spacial awareness, it’s purely down to having spent astronomical money and do not trust others to park next to them.

Middle of nowhere - These are the drivers who will park down in the far depths of a car park to isolate their cars from other drivers. They have a constant fear of trollies and overzealous door openers.

Footpath jumpers - The drivers that think it the norm to park with one or two wheels on the path when there is plenty of room without obstructing people walking.

Parallel parking sandwich - Parallel parking is the marmite of parking, it’s not for everyone. When you get back to your car and see that you are now sandwiched between two cars just makes the experience infuriating. Then comes the wiggle.

Boot blocker - The shopping is done and you come out weighed down with bags only to find the car behind you is so close that you can't open the boot. Queue awkwardly throwing everything in the back seat.


The horizontal vertical parker - The lines are clearly marked all over the car park but there is always one driver that refuses to stick to the norm parking across the spaces instead of inside them. One question...Why?

The reserved space taker - This is the epitome of laziness and completely inconsiderate driving. There are genuine people with disabilities who need these spaces, just because you are too lazy to walk an extra few minutes does not entitle you to take one of these spots. This also refers to the family spaces. Taking a toddler shopping is a difficult enough task without trying to get them in and out of a car with limited space.

Sarah O' Toole

Images from Flickr under Creative Commons


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