News | Daimler Successfully Complete Drone Deliveries

Daimler Successfully Complete Drone Deliveries

Mercedes have announced they will continue to deliver parcels by drone after 100 successful drop offs.

As part of a 3 week project with Swiss online retailer, Siroop, customers placed orders by “airmail deals”. This package included a same-day delivery with items such as mobile phones and ground coffee beans. The drones were used to fly to fixed points dotted around Zurich covering distances up to 17km. The drop off points were adapted Mercedes-Benz Vito vans. These vans are used to cover the final stretch of the journey. Although the drones did not drop from door-to-door, they did manage to cut out a lot of city traffic therefore making the journey much shorter.

The future of the project depends on regulation. The hope is that there will be random drop off points around cities. These drop off zones will be specially adapted vans that will have an electronic sorting facility on board in order to cut out the process in the fulfilment centre.

Corinna Elosge, the Project Coordinator for Last Mile Logistics Vans and Drones at Daimler AG, said; “Our expectations were all met -- our main goals were about the technical feasibility and execution, we're really, really satisfied because we had a perfect safety score”.

Daimler AG announced last year that they were investing €500m into the project in order to speed up delivery times. Along with the German car manufacturer, Amazon made it’s first delivery by drone. 7-Eleven, the US convenience store chain, sent a parcel of sandwiches by Reno to Reno, Nevada.

Ian Fitzpatrick


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