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A totally reworked Audi A1 arrives in Ireland towards the end of 2018 – rivals will take note

When we say “reworked” here at CBG HQ – realise that we are not referring to the insanely brutal one-off  496bhp ‘clubsport quattro’ version of the new Audi A1 (gulp…)! Rather variants released to the “gen-pop”, as it were. So and as one would expect from any entrants to this increasingly competitive segment of the market, it is a reasonably impressive reprise. Due date is November/December, with mostly maybe petrol engines (for some reason?). Expect an uber upgrade: a complete overhaul of the chassis, ride and braking components weld the car to the road. From the vaguely performance 197bhp 2000cc chaser to the nippy 1.0 litre “three-potter” city slicker, think street smarts and/or capable motorway behaviour. Cabin ergonomics, surround sound, the touch screen cockpit POV – plus standard extras eg lane assist, parking assist, stereo assist etcetera etcetera - will add a few free and single millennials to their pitch. Mini me?


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