News | French Police Using Drones to Catch Dangerous Drivers

French Police Using Drones to Catch Dangerous Drivers

French police are stinging traffic violators with drone technology

Police in the Bordeaux region of France have started using drones to monitor the roads and catch drivers breaking traffic laws. The practice began this summer and there have already been hundreds of tickets issued to dangerous drivers thanks to the little flying machines.

Image from monsterlayer under Creative Commons 

Once a traffic infringement has been detected by an officer controlling the drone; they will then dispatch nearby traffic cops to pull the driver over. The drones are unable to track the speed of vehicles, but the video recorded offers important evidence when issuing fines for traffic violations.

Drone surveillance offers a far cheaper alternative to helicopter support for police on the ground and the French government are considering the possibility of expanding the technology to other areas of the country following the early success of the project.

Drone technology has progressed massively over the last few years and they are being utilised in more and more innovative ways. Recently, Mercedes have announced they will continue to deliver parcels by drone after 100 successful drop offs.

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