Manufacturer release | LUST FOR LEXUS: THE NEW LC500h


No doubt about it – this luxury “GT” is beauty; and a bit of beast:

Soon, people will be rubbernecking this machine – it IS one of the most beautiful things ever seen on Irish roads. First up in Eire will be the 3.5 litre petrol header, allied to a battery-powered drive. When you press the ‘’on’’ button it starts in electric mode! The 300bhp V6 only kicks in when you demand more than 1500rpm at any one time. In fact on the motorway the hybrid will have the streamlined car doing in excess of 85mph (depending on the wind), with the petrol engine on stand-by. It’s the first time we (at CBG HQ) have heard of ten gears using a continuously variable transmission in a car, ever!

Inside the driver and front passenger are cocooned in all the luxury and tech that money can buy (especially with the “sport+” trim and specification), including a top-notch 13-speaker stereo system. But a tiny boot and a tight squeeze in the back might confine sales somewhat: the golf club set may be rather unsettled - as will couples with 2.2 kids!

Reasonably frugal fuel consumption and a low motor tax band won’t matter to those willing to haggle with the dealer over the €110,000 entry level price. But lots of bhp take it to 60mph in 5.3 seconds (when the 5-litre V8 arrives make that 4.7 seconds) and that ride is competently smooth. To boot, the safety-first chassis has a low centre of gravity, balanced by the batteries under the back seats. All that said? There’s a new Camry on the way – same chassis as the Lexus LS. One other thing: there’s a reason Lexus/Toyota insist it is a “GT” and NOT a “sports coupe”. Jussayin’ -


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