Is there a diesel option for the new Subaru CV, Impreza OR forthcoming Forester? Nope!

A sign of the times, perhaps. Other manufacturers are running with this option – for example the Audi A1s are all ”non-diesel”. Hanyways...the new Impreza is one of three models built on Subaru’s "Global Platform" (SGP), so joining the XV SUV and – when it arrives next year – the Forester. So expect a thoroughly rigid, road-feeling ride, something that the Japanese manufacturer has always prided itself on. Think smooth, swish anti-roll cornering, cabin silence and all the fenshui comforts. That said for now you only get the one engine – a 1.6 litre petrol header that returns on economy (despite the autotransmission only option!) but isn’t the most powerful plant the former WRC champions have ever unleashed (although one can consider ordering in the 183bhp 2.0 flat cranking Boxer option, via the Brexiteers). The cockpit is top drawer, with two thoroughly thought-out trim levels featuring – the S (€26,000) and the SE (€30,000). Safety features abound – obviously the AWD on Irish roads is a plus, while the 17” alloys help. The unique Subaru Eyesight Driver Assist, which detects objects ahead and applies the brakes if the AI sees fit; vibrating steering wheel alerts, rain-sensitive wipers, sun-sensitive LED headlamps, his and hers climate control - other sensible things, abound. Probably ahead of it's time – and it will drive FOREVER


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