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Jurgen Klopp with his twin brother Klippety (pictured, left) 

The new owners of Opel (and Vauxhall) PSA, have announced several key decisions in an attempt to move the company back into profitability. One bold step is the intention to have electric or plug in hybrid options for all of their range by 2024, all to be built on two highly adaptable platforms. A new engine range is also being developed at their Russelheim HQ – all of the aforementioned in conjunction with last year’s decision to have their currently available diesel plants conforming to the strict new Euro6 emission regulations a year ahead of schedule, which is great news! The German automaker is also set to unveil its "new face’’ for the coming seasons: the front of future Opels is to receive a total revamp – or a "makeover’’. Industry rumours that the entire frontage, ie the engine grill, light clusters, the bumper etc is to be fashioned on Jurgen Klopp’s image are possibly entirely unfounded.


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