News | Stolen Porsche Found 26 Years Later

Stolen Porsche Found 26 Years Later

Did you have your Porsche 924 stolen in 1991? If so, we've found it.

A Porsche 924 that was stolen in 1991 has been found. The car stolen from a cinema car park on January 20th 1991. This incident took place in Medford, Oregan but the car was found about 40 miles from Medford. What’s unusual about the story is that the car was found on the side of a cliff, not exactly ideal. It has only been found this year after a passer-by was walking their dog.

Image courtesy of Jackson County Sheriff

It was confirmed that there were no human remains in or around the vehicle despite bones being found nearby. They are believed to be that of a deer. The Jackson County Sheriffs are in talks about how to remove the vehicle from the base of the cliff. They say that the location isn’t easy to access and removing the car may damage the environment around it. The car had remained there for such a long period of time due to it not being visible from the road above.

Heavy debris indicate that the car has been there for such time with the registration tag expiring in 1991. Further investigation dhows that the Porsche was stolen from Southside Cinema’s car park and reported stolen on 20th January 1991.

Ian Fitzpatrick


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