Industry News | The Average Age of Cars on Irish Roads Falls

The Average Age of Cars on Irish Roads Falls recently put some figures together showing the average age of both original Irish and imported vehicles to Ireland.

The report shows us that between January and November 2017, that the age of privately owned, original Irish vehicles fell by 75 days. The age of vehicles between 1999 and 2017 fell by 112 due to buyers importing newer vehicles.

New car registrations 2016 vs. 2017.

The average age of original Irish vehicles is 8.62 years with imported vehicles averaging 9.02 years. The overall age for both categories of vehicles is 8.7 years, a decline of 80 days since January 2017.

There are 2,289,922 on Irish roads as of November 1st 2017. From this figure, the average age of original Irish cars is 8.71 years old. Of this 2,289,922, 480,606 cars are imported.

John Byrne, Legal & Public Relations Manager for commented on this; ““The size of the private fleet in Ireland continues to grow but the age is declining. Possibly buyers are importing newer vehicles without retiring older vehicles in the fleet – this may explain why the age is declining while the size is still increasing. Buyers should be careful when importing a vehicle as it may carry a hidden history from another country – such as where the vehicle was previously written-off or still has finance outstanding on it, or was clocked”.

Ian Fitzpatrick


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