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Tips for selling a used car

It is very likely that you will have to haggle. Decide on the lowest price you can sell the car at and be strong enough not to go past it. Never hand the keys...


Tips for Selling a Used Car

You’ve stumbled upon the car of your dreams, but in order to buy it, you need to sell your old car first. It served you faithfully, but – emotions aside – you want to get the most possible money for it now, and no one condemns you. Car dealers can do the whole job for you, but, of course, you’ll get less money. The best option is to try selling your used car online where you can call the tune. But then you have to handle all the process – from documentation to advertising and to negotiations – by yourself. But no worries! Tips from, the leading dealer of summer tyres and other car accessories, will help you to sell your used vehicle like a pro! 

Representation is everything

Your car’s interior and exterior are the first thing a potential buyer will see, and this first impression will greatly define their decision. So make your vehicle look its best. Clean it thoroughly both inside and outside and keep it this way throughout the whole time you are selling the car. Take high-quality photos. Make necessary repairs or change the tyres if they are worn. The reasonable investment will pay its way when you manage to sell a car at a higher price. 

Set a realistic price

Even if you desperately need money, be reasonable and down-to-earth. If you overprice your car, you’ll repel potential buyers. Do your internet research and find out what your car is really worth. If you have reasons for selling it at the above-the-market price (for example, you tuned the car with non-standard accessories), make sure you explain these reasons both in the advertisement and in conversations with potential buyers.

Prepare for questions

You have to know the present condition of all your car’s systems in order to answer questions with competence. Find out details such as the type of engine, gas mileage, safety features, mileage on the odometer, and so on.

Do the paperwork

Ensure the vehicle was serviced recently and that you tried to settle all paper issues before getting the car listed for sale. If issues are unsolved, honestly inform buyers about them. Keep in mind that the longer registration the car has, the more attractive it is for the buyer. Prepare the car manual, service records and receipts about all recent enhancements so that the buyer could inspect them when you meet.

Advertise in the right place

There is no need to stick an advertisement on every possible vertical surface; otherwise, you can have lots of prank calls. Choose a couple of authoritative car selling websites where serious buyers of your area are usually hanging out. Honestly list your car’s characteristics and extras.

Don’t meet with buyers at your house

Your potential buyers don’t necessarily have to know where you and your car ‘live’. To avoid any annoying visits, you shouldn’t provide your home address in the ad. Meet with buyers on neutral ground.

Have a safe test-drive

Always check the buyer’s driving license before allowing him or her to drive your car. Also, be present in the car during the test drive. By the way, find out if your insurance company covers any accidents during test drives.

Don’t give up too fast

It is very likely that you will have to haggle. Decide on the lowest price you can sell the car at and be strong enough not to go past it. Never hand the keys over to the buyer before he or she pays for the car in full.    

Images from janeb13 & gmanviz under Creative Commons

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