News | Which is the safest colour car to have?

Which is the safest colour car to have?

Monash University carry out investigation into the relation between vehicle colour and crash risk…

Researchers at the Monash University in Australia have  set out to discover if there is any correlation between car colour and the risk of crashing.

This study has assessed the relationship between vehicle colour and crash risk through the analysis of real crash outcomes described in mass crash data reported to police in two Australian states. A study design was employed identifying vehicle to vehicle crashes and crashes involving unprotected road users as those having a risk dependent on vehicle colour whilst exposure was induced from single vehicle crash involvement. Analysis was arranged by vehicle type, light conditions and jurisdiction of crash.

Dark Grey and Silver cars were found to be less visible to road users as these colours can match the colour of road pavement and may not be noticed as easily as brighter cars at mere glance.

White coloured cars of been consistently found to be the least likely to be involved in a collision due to its high visibility.  

Closely followed by Gold, Yellow and light Silver coloured vehicles which are also very noticeable on the road and therefore less likely to be hit by their fellow road users.

Cars that were Red, Blue and Green in colour were all listed as being harder to notice while on the roads.

When compared to White vehicles, Black, Brown and Dark Green cars were found to be up to 12% more likely to be involved in a crash during daylight hours. There was a staggering 47% increase in the risk of a crash during the twilight and night-time hours for cars of these colours. Brown coloured cars involved in collisions were also found to be the most likely to result in serious injury, according to the study.

(More research is needed in this subject to give significant data and it is important to note that car colour is no substitute for safe driving)

Images from morebyless & Nefatron under Creative Commons

David Stafford


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