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The Tesla Man painted himself into a twitter box, last week; and found he isn’t made of Teflon

It’s late at night and you are fielding thousands of responses from people across the globe wondering what you will tweet next. Some folk will troll you, others will agree with you. Meanwhile share prices rise and fall on these “thinking-out-loud” moments. BUT you are not IMPOTUS Donald J Trump – rather, you are Elon Musk (pictured), the high-flying CEO and primary mover an


This stunning concept 'Boxter' is Porsche’s celebration of their 70th birthday!! It is quite a motoring journey for one of the most famous manufacturers on the planet. Founded in 1948 in the aftermath of World War Two, their first production variants were essentially Volkswagens, hence the almost familiar "Herbie Goes To Montecarlo" love bug vibe, that has over the decades become the hallmark of the marque. The very first Porsche was the totally gorgeous and maybe legendary P356, with its

The 2018 Mazda6 is Debuted at the LA Auto Show

Mazda have launched a new Mazda6 for 2018 at this month’s LA Auto Show.

Although this is international news and we don't know for sure what engines we will be getting here in Ireland, the Mazda6 is set to be the company’s flagship. The main upgrades to the car is the introduction of the 2.5T that was first seen on the company’s USA-bound car, the Mazda CX-9. The four-cylinder turbo petrol engine produces 250hp and 420Nm. The new design for the D-segment saloon is less imposing

Stolen Porsche Found 26 Years Later

Did you have your Porsche 924 stolen in 1991? If so, we've found it.

A Porsche 924 that was stolen in 1991 has been found. The car stolen from a cinema car park on January 20th 1991. This incident took place in Medford, Oregan but the car was found about 40 miles from Medford. What’s unusual about the story is that the car was found on the side of a cliff, not exactly ideal. It has only been found this year after a passer-by was walking their dog. Image courtesy of Jackson County Sheriff It

French Police Using Drones to Catch Dangerous Drivers

French police are stinging traffic violators with drone technology

Police in the Bordeaux region of France have started using drones to monitor the roads and catch drivers breaking traffic laws. The practice began this summer and there have already been hundreds of tickets issued to dangerous drivers thanks to the little flying machines. Image from monsterlayer under Creative Commons  Once a traffic infringement has been detected by an officer controlling the drone; they will then dispatch n

The MINI 1499 GT is the 1275 GT of Today

MINI launch a 1,499 production run car for the UK and Ireland. 

I’m a MINI fan. I’ve always liked the classic Minis and the only reason I don’t own one is because of insurance. So as a compromise, I bought an R53 Mini Cooper S. MINI have announced they will be building a limited run model and I want it! The 2018 MINI 1499 GT will be a limited run model between the UK and Ireland only. Only 1,499 units will be built and it is priced from €24,250. The new model pays hom

Audi Announce Two Further Electric Vehicles by 2025

Audi plan two more electric vehicles by 2025.

Following the news last week of Skoda producing electric cars by 2025, Audi have now announced two fully electric cars to be built at it’s Ingolstadt plant in Germany starting in 2021. Audi have already planned to build the e-tron SUV and e-tron Sportback starting next year for 2019. The e-tron SUV will rival the Tesla Model X and the Sportback to compete against the Jaguar I-Pace. Audi e-tron Sportback Details of the two electric models are vag

Want to buy a car by Bitcoin? Now you can

Bitcoin may well be the currency of the future, but would you buy a car using it? 

Have you a few Bitcoin burning a hole in your pocket? Why not treat yourself to this Gold Rolls Royce Ghost for just under £120,000? The 35,000 mile 2010 Rolls Royce Ghost, which is based in Oldham, near Manchester, is being sold by a private seller on the UK’s car selling website - Auto Trader. The car is powered by a 6.6 V12 and when released was described as being a Rolls Royce to be driven, not

Daimler Successfully Complete Drone Deliveries

Mercedes have announced they will continue to deliver parcels by drone after 100 successful drop offs.

As part of a 3 week project with Swiss online retailer, Siroop, customers placed orders by “airmail deals”. This package included a same-day delivery with items such as mobile phones and ground coffee beans. The drones were used to fly to fixed points dotted around Zurich covering distances up to 17km. The drop off points were adapted Mercedes-Benz Vito vans. These vans are used to c

Drivers Concerned as Flaw in Keyless Entry Technology Exposed by Thieves

Following recent news coverage in the UK showing two thieves’ disengaging the alarm of a Mercedes C-Class and driving off with the vehicle, by “cloning” the signal from a keyless or “smart” fob. The video shows two individuals holding devices that can capture the signal given off the key fob and amplifying the signal to trick the car into thinking that the key is nearby. These ‘transmitter relay attacks’ exploits a vulnerability in a vehicle’s key