Features | KIA Niro infotainment review - Human Machine Interface (HMI)

KIA Niro infotainment review - Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Published on Apr 3rd 2017 David Stafford 611 views

We have a look at how to use the KIA Niro infotainment system - Human Machine Interface (HMI) in this review. The touch screen system within the new 2016 / 2017 KIA Niro allows users to do and view many of the things connected to the car. Apart from being a good multi-media system, the KIA Niro also allows you to use features such as Android Auto. The technology in KIA's latest generation of infotainment also allows you to view exactly where the power is being delivered to and from when you're driving this hybrid car.

The car has wireless phone charging, three 12v charge points and USB connectivity. This system also allows you to connect to your phone's Wi-Fi and you can access live traffic updates, as well as local POI (Points of Interest) updates.

Our full review of the new KIA Niro Hybrid can also be seen on our YouTube channel and we have included both a card and an end screen note in this video. Other reviews can be seen on the Car Buyer Guide's YouTube channel.

Read our “first impressions” Kia Niro review here: https://www.cbg.ie/new-car-review-details/meet-the-kia-niro


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