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How to: Check Coolant Level

Published on Oct 12th 2016 Tim Shearwood 832 views

To check your car’s coolant levels, simply lift open your car’s bonnet and the coolant container will generally be the biggest of the liquid containers and will have either a pink or blue liquid inside.

Make sure that you never top up your coolant while the car’s engine is hot. If you have just been driving, give it time to cool down before proceeding.

Look for the Min and Max level markings on the side of the coolant container. Top up your car’s coolant appropriately, never fill it past the Maximum level marking and never use water as a coolant. Coolant has a freezing temperature of -26 degrees Celsius while water freezes at 0 degrees. If you put water into the coolant container it may freeze during the winter months and damage your car. 


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