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How to: Check Oil Level

Published on Oct 12th 2016 Tim Shearwood 1131 views

If you’ve just been driving your car, allow the oil to go back down to the bottom of the engine in order to get a correct read on your oil levels.

Locate the Dipstick and remove it from its holster. Wipe clean the Dipstick and then place it back into the holster. Remove the Dipstick again and visually inspect wear the oil has marked it.

On the Dipstick you will usually find two points marked. The lower one indicates the minimum oil level of your engine. You should never let your car’s oil levels to reach this minimum marker. The top marker indicates the ideal oil level for your car. 

Should the oil need topping up, simply unscrew the cap and fill up the container until the oil now reaches the top marker.

Regularly checking your oil levels is essential for your engines wellbeing and should be part of your monthly motor checks.


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