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How to: Replace Spark Plugs

Published on Oct 12th 2016 Tim Shearwood 728 views

Good condition spark plugs help your car run more efficiently and can be a relatively easy fix for your engine if replaced correctly. To access the spark plugs, you must first remove the High Tension (HT) lead. After doing this, take a 16 spark plug socket and carefully begin to turn the socket anti-clockwise to loosen the spark plug.

After removing the spark plug, visually check for any roundness of the edge. This is a sign of wear and tear.

Now take your new spark plug and apply some copper grease to the treads before slotting it back into place. Copper grease is important as it prevents the treads from breaking the next time you remove the plug, which will led to expensive repairs!

Repeat this process until all faulty spark plugs are replaced.


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