How To Guides | Most Common VW Polo Mk4 Problem: Ignition Coils

Most Common VW Polo Mk4 Problem: Ignition Coils

Published on Feb 20th 2017 1257 views

Car Buyers Guide's Master Mechanic, Paul Dagg, explains the most common problem for 2002-2009 Mk4 Volkswagen Polo's and how to diagnose the issue.

If your VW Polo is experiencing symptoms such as: Not starting first time around or sporadically cutting out on you one day and then appearing fine the next day. Or if your check engine light infrequently turns on and off. Then you probably need to replace one or all of your car's ignition coils. Replacement Coil packs can be purchased at most auto parts stores for about €100.

Having to regularly replace ignition coils is a very common fault for the Volkswagen Polo IV models.


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