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BMW i3 Law Suite

Published on Sep 2nd 2016 David Stafford 973 views

BMW North America is facing a class action suit filed by MLG Automotive Law in Los Angeles last week. The suit refers to the extended-range BMW i3. According to MLG Automotive Law, the i3 models in question have restricted power once the battery is depleted. This restricted power leads to a swift decrease in speed while driving.

The class action claims that this is unsafe because when the battery depletes, the drop in speed is rapid. REx models of the i3 are fitted with a 2-cylinder range extender that produces 34 bhp. This engine switches on when the battery's power drops below 5%. This extender gives a range of up to 70 miles.

The law suit says that the petrol engine doesn't give enough power and that there is a dramatic reduction in performance. According to the suit, the result can mean that the car can drop to speeds of just 45mph on a freeway, and that this can occur without warning.


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