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Mazda MX-5 RF 2017 Review

Published on Feb 1st 2017 Daragh Ó Tuama 933 views

It's no secret, Car Buyers Guide are huge fans of the Mazda MX-5. There's very little we can criticise about it. Mazda even got the price right on the Roadster. So, when the invite came through for our man Daragh Ó Tuama to attend the international press launch of the new Mazda MX5 RF (Retractable Roof), he jumped at it. An early review of this car is a nice thing to get.

"You see, Mazda has always kept the MX-5 simple, and the soft top version is testament to that. So, why complicate things by adding the extra weight of a hard top? Well, they’ve done it before with the third generation MX-5, so why not the latest version? You see, the Mazda MX-5 soft top car is an immensely fun machine. It's all very simple. Get in, put the roof down, accelerate, and go. Surely adding the extra 45 kg solid roof will take all of that fun away? Well, on paper it does, but only ever-so slightly. In the real world though..."

The Irish market receives the Miata with the option of two engines, both of which can also be found in the MAzda MX 5 Roadster, a 1.5 SKYACTIV-G and a 2.0 SKYACTIVE-G.

Whatever your country calls the MX-5, be it the Eunos, the Miata, or just plain old MX-5, it's certainly a nice sight on our roads.

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