Road Tests | SEAT Ibiza 2017 Review

SEAT Ibiza 2017 Review

Published on Jul 5th 2017 Tim Shearwood 822 views

This is the Car Buyers Guide all-new SEAT Ibiza 2017 review. As we only got to travel 210km in the car, these are our first impressions. The all-new 2017 SEAT Ibiza is built on Volkswagen Group's brand new MQB A0 platform and it'll be coming to Ireland very soon. The SEAT Ibiza is the first car to ever use this. They even got there before the Volkswagen Polo.

Daragh Ó Tuama's test models were both powered by 1.0-litre 3-cylinder 115hp petrol engines. We drove two trim lines, FR and Xcellence. Both cars were mated to 6-speed DSG transmissions. SEAT Ireland tells us that the all-new 2017 SEAT Ibiza will arrive in Ireland towards the end of June 2017. When the car arrives, we will hopefully get a chance to drive all of the other engine variants.

The new SEAT Ibiza (#startmoving) is excellent on twisty roads and it's testament to how good the new MQB A0 platform is. The body is well controlled and feels more rigid than before. The interior looks miles better to.

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