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2009 Mazda 2 Review

The phrase 'less is more' is bandied about like a favoured ball at Wimbledon, but there is no better way to describe the new three-door Mazda2. It has fewer doors and less rear room than its five-door sibling. Consequently, as you'd hope, it costs less – €500 less than the equivalent five-door version. Yet the new three-door has the potential to be one of the best variants of the Mazda2.


Dumping the rear doors has reduced the weight of the Mazda2 further, which is already a stick insect among fat-bloater Superminis, thanks to Mazda's so-called 'gram strategy'. It's a commendable idea and also pays dividends on the road, as the Mazda2's low mass enables its suspension to work well. It's a comfortable car, yet enjoyable to drive and notably it handles and feels as stable as many cars in the class above. In honesty, the three-door feels little different to the five-door on the road, but that's no bad thing.


Of course, the three-door body has one obvious disadvantage, and that's practicality. The rear seats are – despite a generous opening – more inconvenient to get into, though if Mazda's hip and trendy ad models are the target market, they won't have any problem folding their supple bodies in and they won't mind getting cosy with their fellow passengers either, even though there is a loss of cabin width in the back in the name of style. In fairness, owners of three-door cars don't have high expectations for their rear passengers' comfort and the Mazda2's rear is acceptably commodious for the class.


Buyers will appreciate the extra dose of style the three-door model brings to the range. The longer front doors and mildly re-profiled haunches are remarkably effective in giving the Mazda2 a sporty stance. It's not a sporty car as such, but it is attractive and, though it isn't as swooningly cute as the Fiat 500, it is a sharp shape in itself.


Our only issue with the new three-door model is the limited range. We acknowledge that the majority of buyers will be content with the 1.3-litre petrol engine (available in two power outputs), but there's demand for a sportier range-topping machine such as the 1.5 Sport model available as a five-door. Perhaps Mazda is taking the 'less is more' maxim a little too far in this instance, though rumour has it that our wishes could be granted in the not too distant future.





Mazda2 1.3 three-door Touring



1,349cc 4-Cyl petrol



86hp, 122Nm



5-sp manual



0-100km/h 12.9 seconds


Top Speed




5.4 litres/100km


CO2 Emissions



CO2 Tax Band

B €150 p.a.





Boot Capacity

250 Litres


Base Price




Value, looks, driving experience



Avoid the diesel and little choice








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