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Audi A6 & S6 Model Update

Yesterday we were at the launch of the updated Audi A6/S6 range in Dresden, Germany. Audi has been pleasing owners for twenty years with their A6 and its technology – all through this time they have remained relatively loyal to the look and style of the vehicle. A6 fans will be glad to hear that the manufacturer is remaining loyal with this mid-generation update. It appears to me to be an attitude of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.” The main changes to the A6 occur under the hood and inside the cars themselves.

The updated A6 style has slight and gentle changes with a bit more emphasis on some of the horizontal lines. Other changes to the exterior include new LED and optional MATRIX LED lighting to the front and rear of the range. Other exterior changes include a weight-reducing 20% usage of aluminium, which brings the weight of the A6 down to 1535kg (weight applies to the A6 1.8 TFSI). Another difference that will be noticed by the eagle-eyed of you is that the A6 is now 70mm longer than before.

The major changes to the A6 and S6 range have been kept for the engine bay and inside the cabin. All of the engines have become more powerful and more efficient. Audi tells us that 22% of the fuel emissions have been cut and that these machines, when driven correctly, will bring you further than ever. The 4 and 6 cylinder diesel and petrol engines are therefore offering more fuel economy, while at the same time they are offering more oomph.

There will be a choice of seven new engines to the Irish market. Two will be petrol and five will be powered by diesel. All of these engines will comply with the EU6 legislation on emissions. Two of the diesel models will be “Ultra” TDI 2.0litre engines and they will offer an output of between 150hp and 190hp.

I had the pleasure of driving the S6 Avant, which plays host to a 4.0 litre TFSI engine. Now, as I’ve said, this car is more powerful than before offering an output of a whopping 450hp, but to save on CO2 emissions Audi are using Cylinder on Demand technology which shuts off certain cylinders when they are not in use.  I brought this thrilling machine on the Autobahn and I’m not even going to begin arguing over the stats Audi provide in terms of performance. On paper the S6 Avant I drove sprints from 0-100km/h in 4.6 seconds (4.4 seconds in the saloon version). The only “on paper” statistic that I can’t necessarily agree with is the fuel consumption figure of 9.4 litres per 100km – it might be achievable but I honestly can’t see any S6 Avant owners driving in such an economic way – if it’s affordable driving you want you’ll save a packet by going for a 2.0litre TDI Ultra model A6 from the off.

The S6 Avant is a stunning machine and it belongs on the Autobahn. The comfort in the newly trimmed salsa red interior is amazing. The 8” touch screen looks great and the technology available through the infotainment system is enough to make any techy smile with delight. Apart from engine changes across the spectrum (see engine data below) the other major changes to the A6 and S6 range is on the inside.

Let’s start off with the optional Bang & Olufson Advanced Sound System in the S6 Avant I was driving. It delivers 1,200 watts. Turn up the radio and let the 15 speaker system bring the music to you – excuse the pun, but that’s a lot of bang! Also available with the A6 line-up is a Bose surround system delivering 600 watts.  What makes the entire speaker systems even better is the acoustic glass, which further reduces outside noise intruding on the cabin – which means it’ll be just the tunes and the sound of the V8 engine roar while you’re cruising.

Inside the MMI infotainment system comes into its own. The system is pretty exceptional. MMI touch and navigation systems use a graphics processor from Audi’s partner Nvidia. The system is operational through the touchpad control. What really impresses is Audi Connect – this allows users to get online via 4G or “LTE high-speed data transmission standard”. One piece of technology I didn’t have time to test is the box in the centre console which connects your phone to the car antenna – apparently this improves the reception, and according to one Audi employee, because of the acoustic glass in the car the background noise reduction is greatly improved.

For the most part we are looking at an update which focuses on the engine and infotainment as well as some tweaks to handling. I’m glad they didn’t mess too much with the style, and it’ll be interesting to see what direction they go in if they show-off an all-new A6 range over the next four or five years. It’s hard not to be impressed by the entire range. Obviously I had most fun yesterday with the S6 Avant, but a close second to that was the very brief time I spent with the A6 Allroad – another exciting vehicle. Unsurprisingly the Ultra diesel models will probably be the big sellers in Ireland, and for those of you who do decide to make the purchase I do think you’ll be impressed.

From launch Irish customers will have access to a choice of seven engine types.  As mentioned before there will be a TDI 150 and a TDI 190 as well as the TFSI 4.0 litre V8. Also available will be the 3.0 TDI 320hp BiTurbo with an eight speed tiptronic transmission. Other engines will be linked with a newly designed six speed manual gearbox or a seven speed S-Tronic twin-clutch (this will replace the eight speed multitronic box which is currently available).

Audi Ireland says that the updated A6 will arrive in showrooms during November and that the entry price is looking to be set at the €44,750 mark – those of you who decide to go down the PCP route will be looking at €429 per month (4.9% APR). According to Audi Ireland there will be extra standard equipment added in worth €5,750 and an S-Tronic gear box will be available at €2,300 above the manual price.

Christian Gussen, Director of Audi Ireland commented: “With the new Audi A6, we are writing the next chapter in an excellent success story. It embodies our innovative technology and Audi's premium claim. The cars improved equipment, lower running costs and attractive pricing make it an even more enticing prospect for the discerning executive buyer.” 


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