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Citroen Dispatch Combi

This week we are looking at an MPV which is slightly different from other ones I have test driven here on Car Buyers Guide. What’s different about it is that this is an MPV which is effectively a van with seats added into it. This week we are testing the Citroen Dispatch Combi.


 Dispatch Combi


If you look back on any reviews I’ve written about vans and MPVs on this website you will know by now that I enjoy driving in a raised position. At any given time the more of the road that I can see the better. With the Citroen Dispatch Combi my mindset has not altered on this. This is raised like any van would be.


To drive
As you would expect from a vehicle of this nature it can be quiet a bumpy ride, but to be honest with you in comparison with other vans I have driven this one isn’t terrible in that regard. The reason for the slightly better ride is because of the suspension designed by Citroen. In terms of handling this MPV is quiet well balanced but the very nature of this particular beast is that it can be a bit wide on corners. Under the hood of the Dispatch Combi is a 2.0 litre 125 HDi engine, this I found to be quiet nimble and very capable.




The most striking thing about this car is space – there is loads of it. The Dispatch Combi is available as a 6, 8 or 9 seater. What I drove was an 8 seater. There is ample room for six fully grown adults in the back and of course a driver and a passenger up front. This brilliant seating allowance does however effect storage space in that there is very little available where the boot should be. The seats can be very easily folded down and pushed forward.


When I test drove this I arranged a journey for myself which brought me from Dublin to Wexford, Wexford to Dublin and then from Dublin up to a place near Ballyshannon, Donegal, and back again. I decided to bring a load with me on the journey and a few things stood out. With the seats folded down there is plenty of room for a big load but to get more space you can take the seats out of this MPV. Taking the seats however I have been informed can be quiet a lengthy and awkward process, although I reckon if you can do it once and learn the process it shouldn’t be as time consuming the next time around.


The Dispatch Combi comes fully loaded, as you would expect from most cars. There is a CD player, Bluetooth accessibility, USB connectivity as well as steering wheel controls etc.


In terms of comfort I have to say that this was a pleasure to sit in. It is extremely comfortable even though everything is made from plastic. The plastic doesn’t overly concern me because I reckon the interior was made for durability. I don’t see your typical family buying this MPV, it would be perfect for taxi drivers or private coach hire companies and therefore longevity and reliability is required from the interior. In saying that, the one type of family I reckon this would be suited to is families with three or more teenage kids who need plenty of space.


Exterior Style
Vans by their very nature aren’t overly stylish but this one does look good. It’s nothing to write home about but I certainly wouldn’t say it was terrible looking. If you get the right colour it actually looks quiet classy in a strange kind-of-way – have a look at the photos and decide for yourself.

 Dispatch Combi


Price, fuel economy, etc.
This to me is where things are a bit hard to take with this vehicle. It’s expensive – prices for the Dispatch Combi begin at €32,900 and stretch as high as €39,800.


The fuel economy of this vehicle really surprised me. As I’ve stated above I brought this vehicle on a bit of a road trip and I covered over 790 km by the time I gave the vehicle back, at this point I had just under a quarter tank left. This very-much pleased me.


The verdict
I haven’t tested many MPVs/Combis of this type and I have to say I enjoyed it. This vehicle will work well for its audience, the question is does that audience have the cash to buy one?




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