Check Your Car's History

Why Motorcheck?

A Motorcheck Car History Check is the most detailed & up-to-date report available for Irish, NI & UK Registered Vehicles.

Don't be misled by other so-called 'official' websites and run the risk of missing vital information that could assist you with your purchasing decision.

First choice for the Car Buyers Guide, Motorcheck is the only report that includes an Instant Finance Check, Euro-NCAP Ratings, Recall Data, Warranty Info and a Vehicle Valuation FREE OF CHARGE with every full report purchased!

Sell your car

Purchase a motorcheck car history
check report and show prospective
buyers that your vehicle
is a great buy!

What's in the report?

Car History Check answers the following:

  • Is there outstanding finance?
  • Has the vehicle been written off?
  • Has the vehicle been clocked?
  • Has it been reported as stolen?
  • Is the logbook / NCT forged?
  • Was the vehicle imported?
  • What is the UK or NI history?
  • Was it ever used as a taxi?
  • Has the colour been changed?
  • Was the engine ever replaced?
  • How many owners are there?
  • Does it have valid road tax?
  • Did it pass the NCT?
  • What is the CO2 rating?
  • Was the vehicle ever recalled?
  • What is the Euro-NCAP rating?
  • Is it still under warranty?
  • What is it's current value?
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