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2014 Honda Jazz
Reviewed 30 May 2017

Lovely car to drive, comes with a very good spec of feature cheap to run and cheap to tax.

2002 Honda Jazz
Reviewed 07 Feb 2017

This is a 5 door black Honda Jazz. The Honda Jazz is a very spacious comfortable car. There is a built in radio with a cassette player. There are security safety features to the car such as child lock.

2007 Honda Jazz
Reviewed 22 Nov 2016

Nippy little car, easy to park, good on running costs

2005 Honda Jazz
Reviewed 11 Oct 2016

good reliable ,low cost car

2005 Honda Jazz
Reviewed 15 Apr 2009

This car is extremely reliable and suprisingly nippy, great for around town

2005 Honda Jazz
Reviewed 12 Jun 2008

excellent second car for family of four, spacious and adaptable for various loads,very easy to park in small spaces and ideal for city driving. Able to hold its place on the road on longer journeys too.

2005 Honda Jazz
Reviewed 13 Feb 2008

super little nippy car.

2005 Honda Jazz
Reviewed 18 May 2007

The best small car you can buy.

2005 Honda Jazz
Reviewed 02 Apr 2006

It's zippy, reliable and incredibly economical.

2004 Honda Jazz
Reviewed 20 Feb 2006

Excellent car

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