BMW 7 Series E65 2001 - 2008 - Used Car Review

BMW 7 Series E65 2001 - 2008


One day I will own a 7 series BMW. I'm probably going to have to wait until two things happen. Firstly I’ll have to wait until the kids grow up so I might be able to afford one. Secondly, I’m going to have to move house and get a bigger driveway!



The 7 series BMW is among the most luxurious cars I've ever had the pleasure of driving and it mixes comfort, power and style perfectly. Looking through the pages here on I see that this machine is actually not too pricey to purchase, but the only downside is the running costs of the car itself. I don’t think that it’s a secret that BMW servicing can be expensive, and if you don't go through the manufacturer generally the price of a service is based on engine size, and these engines are big (most common on is 3.0 Diesel).


Other costs with the 7 Series include astronomical road tax. As you know the CO2 tax rates didn’t come into effect until mid-2008, so the figures here are based on the older tax system – therefore for the 3.0litre engined 7 series you will be paying annual road tax of €1809 at today’s rate.


If you are seriously considering buying one of these machines I would advise that you look into the electronics. A lot of this car is run through the on board computer and fixes can be expensive. I would also advise that you look for leaks, check the breaks and check the suspension.


I think I've been clear here, if you are considering one of these, please beware that it's not cheap to run. If this is not a factor, then I have to say that I am jealous!


As ever, no matter what second hand car you buy, we always suggest you get a professional to give it a once over.

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<3 <3

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The E23 model was BMW's first entry into serious luxury motoring. Released in 1979 it was loaded with safety features including ABS. The 6 cylinder range provided more than adaquate power whilst returning better than expected MPG. The model I currently have is a rare 732i and on a recent trip from Dublin to Mayo I averaged 33mpg cruising at motorway speeds with 4 grown lads in it. This is what prompted me to keep the car and stick some tax on the window! Ouch.. They where designed for the autobann so they will motor along without missing a beat. One of the best cars I've ever owned.

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Brilliant. A bit thirsty but not as bad as expected. Fast, powerful, comfortable, great handling and brilliant value for money second hand.

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