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Ford Fiesta Mk V & Mk VI


The Ford Fiesta has been a regular sight on Irish roads since it first came on the market in 1976. It was first introduced here and around the world to offer competition to the likes of the 127 from Fiat and of course the brilliant MINI. Being honest I would have to say that I have always respected the Fiesta, but until recently I can't say that I've always liked it. My most recent test-drives of the latest Fiesta have made me more interested in them but in my eyes, unless the Fiesta has an ST badge, it will always be a run-around vehicle - which of course is why it appeals to the masses.


In this report we are looking at the Ford Fiesta Mk V and VI. There are many positive things to say about pretty much every Ford Fiesta, first and foremost is that the Fiesta has proven itself as a car that you can trust. This machine is for the most part reliable if you take good care of it, and despite the fact that I've just called it a run-around, this car will take you as far as you need to go.


MkV taken from Wiki

Another great thing about the Fiesta is that because they have sold over 12 million of them since 1976 you know that parts will be easy to come by and therefore they should be an inexpensive fix.


Due to the lightweight chassis of this vehicle and because of the engines that power them I have always found the Fiesta to be fuel efficient and depending on the engine you choose you should be looking at between  and 70mpg.


Prices for the Fiesta aren't too shocking either, and if you're not the best in the world at parking the small dimensions of this vehicle should make the whole ordeal of the parallel or reverse park that much easier.


Finding faults (other than style faults - and with beauty being in the eye of the beholder this shouldn't matter at all to most) with these two particular Mark of Fiesta is actually a difficult enough task. I have gone through the usual forums and spoken to some mechanics and the problems I have found have been minor enough.


Mk VI taken from WikiI didn't find the cabin to be overly comfortable. Front cabin space is adequate while the rear would be better suited to child-passengers. There are a lot plastics in these vehicles and to me it appears to be cheap. Another issue I personally found is that when the vehicle reaches a certain age there is a lot of rattles with the vehicle - although this is common in second/third hand vehicles.


While searching forums I found owners complain about the front alloys buckling in these vehicles. I also found that owners were complaining about the previously mentioned plastics, that they were of cheap quality and that some items broke easily.


The verdict
Although I would certainly not consider myself to be a fan of the Fiesta I can say that for the most part they are reliable cars. With that said I would strongly recommend that you get a mechanic to give the car a once-over before you purchase this or any other second-hand vehicle - always be weary of lemons.

2002 Ford Fiesta
Reviewed 21 Feb 2008
2002 Ford Fiesta
Reviewed 24 Jun 2006

Lovely car to drive, 1.4 duratec engine very zoomy, great uphill. But electrics a little heartbreaking, first repair when it was 6 months old. Good driving position for the vertically challenged and great visibility! Very comfortable.

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2002 Ford Fiesta
Reviewed 27 Mar 2005

Very roomy for a small car. Sporty looking and nippy.

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