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Renault Grand Scenic (2004-2009)


The Renault Grand Scenic and the Renault Scenic are massively popular cars around the world. They're instantly recognisable and very family-friendly.

The Grand Scenic is the seven-seat version of the Scenic and space is certainly not an issue in this machine. Inside has loads of room and because the second row of seats are on rails it allows the owner to create more room if needed for the third row of seats, and it's also handy if you decide to lay down the third row seats for extra luggage or load space.

The front is basic but comfortable and the interior grey of the model I drove can be a bit dull. One of the best things about this vehicle is the huge amount of space in it. This is among the ultimate of family interiors, which explains why there are so many of them on Irish roads.

Over the years some people have complained about the reliability of Renaults - especially when it comes to electrics. Usually when we do a search on what people think of cars and common problems it's normally the case that we find complaints rather than compliments - think about it, people are usually quicker to give out about something on the internet than compliment it! We have however found that this is one of those vehicles where people felt the need to stand-up for it and surprisingly we have found as many positives as negatives.

One of the team has a 2007 version and he swears by it, he's had one problem to date which is mentioned below but he has said that he is surprised by good fuel economy and good functionality within the vehicle.

What to look out for
Electrical issues include the dash board failing  and one issue which we came across was the front electric windows failing, sadly this has been noted by one of our own team here in

Some owners have complained of gearbox issues, in that gears have been lost, and others have complained of ignition coils failing and many feel that the smaller-engine models are under-powered.

What it's good for
The best thing about this car is the space that it provides. Another bonus is the raised seat height -  you can see more of the road.

In terms of interior storage there is plenty of it. There are cubby-holes everywhere, even under your feet.

In the majority of searches we have done on this vehicle many people say that it is generally reliable. As always we do advise that if you are going to view a used car you should bring an experienced mechanic to come and look around the car. It may cost you a small bit for this, but it's our experience that it's worth it.

2007 Renault Grand Scenic
Reviewed 07 Dec 2016

Extremely Practical car.

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2007 Renault Grand Scenic
Reviewed 15 Nov 2016

Extremely practical - this is about as practical a car you will find. Great space throughout.

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2007 Renault Grand Scenic
Reviewed 25 May 2016

This isn't what I'd describe as a great drive, however it offers amazing space and good comfort for a family. The boot space with seats 6 & 7 down is huge, but it obviously suffers when 6 & 7 are in use. In terms of driveability, it's sloppy on corners and it lacks power (we're driving the 1.6). However, this is a family machine and the main features important to us is the practicality and for that reason alone I'd score it highly. Where it falls down (other than the drive!) is with the electrics. Occasionally the electric windows act a bit funny, and we're beginning to see warning lights randomly appear. The other annoyance is the age with which it takes to clear the windscreen from mist in the morning. In fariness, we're happy with the car, but can't wait to get something a bit nicer and better to drive.

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Ronan Quinlan 30 Nov 2016 11:07

If you accidentally had an army - instead of small family - this is exactly what you need. Very reliable


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