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Skoda Yeti 2010


The first time I ever test drove a Skoda Yeti was back in 2010. I can remember not very much looking forward to the experience. On first glance this vehicle is not the most attractive looking. It’s pretty boxy, so the car-snob in me approached this vehicle with a certain degree of weariness.



After getting the key from the manufacturer and after sitting into it I was sold straight away. Immediately I fell in love with the Yeti, and it’s now one of the machines I recommend most awful. It’s the ultimate example of how one should never judge a book by its cover.


What appealed most to me about this machine is the comfort and the spacious interior. Another nice point is that as standard you also get a lot.



In terms of drive I found the model I was driving at the time to be fine. Sure there was a bit of body-roll (not much though), but this can be expected from a machine of this layout. The high driving position of this compact SUV is another major plus. You really get to see more of the road in front of you.


As I’ve mentioned before the space in this vehicle is brilliant. The back seats are on rails to provide more boot space and leg room as required. It’s also useful for a bit of cargo moving as the back seats fold down nicely which ups the literage for extra load room if needed.



If you are considering purchasing one of these machine you will be glad to hear that very few common problems have been reported on the machine. One of the items which has come up more than one has been rattles coming from the dash board panel.


Despite the lack of common problems I would still recommend that you ask somebody experienced in mechanics to give it a look over – as I always say, it may cost you a few euro – but it could save you thousands!

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Jamie McLain 30 Nov 2016 10:49

Bought this yoke new in 2010. Haven't had one issue with it since!


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